Preschool is Here!

Mountain Resource Center will be offering Free Preschool beginning Fall of 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year.

MRC’s Preschool is now licensed and ready to begin accepting applications for enrollment interest as of May 20th, 2024!

We offer free preschool classes for children who are age 4 who meet eligibility requirements. Age eligibility cut off is October 1st of the year entering school.

Incredible Years parent children group classes at the Mountain Resource Center in Colorado

Enrollment information

Hours of Preschool Operation

Monday - Thursday

Morning Session

8:15AM – 12:00PM

Afternoon Session

12:45PM – 4:30PM

We proudly partner with Macaroni Kids. You can find Mountain Resource Center events on their website.

Want to help?

Please consider donating to our new preschool: