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Healthy Living Programs







  • Parent Engagement
  • Cooking Matters
  • Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Classes

Healthy Living programs include an initiative to support parent leadership and engagement in schools. Parents are involved in a range of activities to create school cultures where the healthy choice is the easy choice for families. Eight mountain-area Jefferson County and Park County schools participate in our Healthy Schools Initiative.

Cooking Matters is a national model of courses designed to teach people how to cook healthy meals on a budget. Several courses are held at Mountain Resource Center each year. Other programs for children, or children and parents, offer age-appropriate nutrition education and fun physical activity, and are available at Mountain Resource Center or in local schools.

Cooking Matters is ending childhood hunger by helping families make healthy food choices. Our programs help parents and caregivers struggling with limited food budgets learn how to shop for and cook healthy, affordable meals.

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