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Home COVID-19 Jeffco Public Schools Calendar of Support – Grab and Go Sites and Community Partner Supports – Summer 2020

Jeffco Public Schools Calendar of Support – Grab and Go Sites and Community Partner Supports – Summer 2020

This calendar includes Jeffco Public Schools summer supports and additional resources offered by community partners at the 11 school grab and go sites operating this summer. Additional supports include, but are not limited to, King Soopers gift cards, produce, and nonperishable items. One or more of these resources will be provided at Grab and Go sites. See our community calendar for details.


  • JPS = Jeffco Public Schools
  • JSF = Jeffco Schools Foundation
  • TAC = The Action Center
  • JE = Jeffco Eats
  • BG = BeGolden
  • AC = Almeda Connects



  • G&G = Prepared grab and go meals; students 18 and under; two breakfasts and lunches per student per day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • KS Cards = $25 King Soopers Gift Cards
  • FP = Fresh Produce
  • SS = Shelf Stable
  • NP = Nonperishable
  • RC = Restaurant Cards
  • PU = Volunteer pick up of donations such as SS and NP
  • LS = Learning supplements such as books, art, sensory items, etc.
  • CI = Clothing Items

Stay Informed and Up-to-Date – Supporting Jeffco Schools – Summer 2020
Jeffco Public Schools Grab and Go Sites:

Jeffco Schools Foundation:

Food Support Calendar:

Colorado Resources: Call “2-1-1” or visit:
JPS Summer 2020 Contact: Erika Edwards, Director, Food and Nutrition, Jeffco Public Schools at

Internet Connectivity
The Jeffco Schools Foundation is supporting up to 300 students and families in securing in-home internet. This is for qualifying individuals who meet the income and other requirements for Internet Essentials service through Comcast. Families signing up before June 30, 2020, receive two free months of internet and an additional four months of internet through the Jeffco Schools Foundation – as approved by the Jeffco Schools Foundation and only as long as resources last.

Step 1. Families must apply for the Comcast Internet Essentials program online at (in Spanish: or by calling 1-855-846-8376.
Step 2. Once the family is approved for the Internet Essential program, the family will need to complete this sponsorship request form and provide the
required information. Jeffco Schools Foundation will reach out to confirm the level of support available at that time.
JPS Summer 2020 Contact: Tanya Wheeler-Berliner, Change Manager/Analyst, IT, Jeffco Public Schools
JSF Summer 2020 Contact: Angela Baber, Executive Director, Jeffco Schools Foundation at 720-272-0285 or